RN Recognition

RN Recognition Scheme

As a result of an agreement between the Ministry of Defence (Navy) and The Scout Association, Sea Scout Groups and Explorer Sea Scout Units who fulfil certain conditions are granted Recognition by the Royal Navy.The scheme is administered by the Programme and Development Department of The Scout Association and Naval Recruiting & Training Agency.  Those Groups and/or Units who achieve the necessary standard at their initial inspection are issued with a Certificate of Recognition signed by the Royal  Navy Director Youth, and a special Pennant.  Active Members are entitled to wear a special insignia on their uniform (in accordance with Policy Organisation and Rules).To retain Recognition, Groups and/or Units are required to maintain their standard, which is assessed at regular intervals of between eighteen months and two years.The Navy pays a significant Proficiency Grant to The Scout Association each year into the Admiralty Fund.


There are a number of privileges afforded to Groups that make it into the top 101, including:

  • Leaders, Explorers, Scouts and Cubs wear Royal Navy Recognition Badge.
  • Group wears defaced Red Ensign and flies Admiralty Pennant.
  • Eligible to attend Big Four Events:
  • Eligible to utilise HMS BRISTOL’s facilities and RN Sailing Centre Assets.
  • Visit Portsmouth Heritage area attractions at heavily discounted rates.
  • Annual payment to the Scout Association (Admiralty Fund) based on a per capita payment for each Scout and Explorer Scout plus an allowance for certain badges as detailed in the Memorandum of Agreement.
  • Eligible to apply for grants from Scout Association for purchase of equipment and boats.
  • On joining an initial Stores outfit is issued.

RN 96

4th Canvey Island applied to join the scheme and we were successful after their first inspection in 2004 and have retained it ever since.